Laminated Column Manufacturing


The “Laminator” has the capacity of producing 3 or 4 ply columns up to 40 foot in length from 2”x 6”, 2”x 8”, or 2”x 10” boards.

The hydraulic pressing clamps secure the entire length of the post on all four sides during the assembly and computerized nailing process to ensure that the plies are kept tightly together producing a straight & true laminated column.


Each clamp supplies 3000psi to straighten the boards and simultaneously sandwiches them together with 400psi.

3 or 4


Laminated Column Length:
Up to 40 feet

Board Sizes:
2”x 6”
2”x 8”
2”x 10”

Fully treated laminated posts are more decay-resistant when compared to solid sawn ones because of their thinner treated plies, Columns can even be made to “cradle” or “capture” trusses for better support & unity.

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1653 Walnut St,
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We serve a 4-hour radius of Wheatland, including Wheatland, Laramie, Cheyenne, Douglas, Casper, and Gillette, Wyoming. Also Scottsbluff, Nebraska and Rapid City, South Dakota.

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