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Metal roofing is a strong and durable product with many benefits that are sometimes overlooked, including its excellent ability to protect against insects, fungus, and moisture. Western Building Supply provides the best metal roofing for residential and commercial structures of any kind in the Cheyenne, WY area. Metal roofing is highly reflective, which helps to save on energy production, in turn shrinking your AC and heating bills. With the help of our metal roofing company, you won’t need to replace or repair your roof as often as traditional roofing materials.

Commercial metal roofing has traditionally been found on larger industrial properties, like factories and warehouses, because of its sturdy and reliable characteristics. However, recent trends point to the idea that metal roofing is becoming more popular for homes across Cheyenne. We can deliver the best metal roofing for residential real estate or job site buildings with our forklift equipped delivery trucks.

Your Roofing Supplies Under One Roof

These days, environmental concerns are one of the highest priorities for Cheyenne residents. If you’re interested in using energy efficient materials, our metal roofing company can give you just that for your building. Western Building Supply has a state-of-the-art facility where we manufacture wood trusses, and steel roofing. Because we’re a large supplier of a broad range of steel roofing materials, we control the timeline for projects and can provide emergency services if necessary. What can normally take two to four weeks to get to, we can achieve in a matter of days, or hours if needs be.

Manufactured practically down the street from Cheyenne, WY, we can tackle any size roofing fabrication job in-house. We are also one of the area’s largest distributors of roofing materials, which means we can offer the best metal roof for our residential customers. With our inventory, products, and skilled team, we have everything you need from a metal roofing company under our roof!

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Western Building Supply serves residents in the Cheyenne, WY area with high-quality roofing from our facilities based in the town of Wheatland. Stop in today to view our manufacturing facility and see the wide range of residential and commercial metal roofing products we carry. Alternatively, you can view our gallery of photos and videos online to get an idea of what we can offer your home or business. Call our professional metal roofing company at 307-322-2888 for more information on metal roofing.

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