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Steel has several advantages as a roofing material for both commercial and residential properties. Western Building Supply provides the best quality of steel roofing available. Over the years, we have built our reputation for manufacturing and supplying the local area with high-quality and durable roofing materials. No matter what you are constructing for your clients, look to Western Building Supply. Building owners find some great advantages when they choose to install steel roofing.

Corrugated steel roofing is beneficial for its ability to repel moisture, which could otherwise produce mold, cause water damage, or attract pests. Because of steel’s insulating abilities, it retains heat during cold winter months, while a granular-coated finish re-emits solar radiation in the summer better than many other types of roofs.

Benefits of steel roofs:

  • Strong and durable
  • Greatly reduce your AC and heating bills
  • Metal roofs are fire, wind, and pest resistant, and repel moisture
  • Manufactured with a maintenance-free coating, making them fade and chalk resistant.
  • Steel roofs reflect radiant heat, which keeps properties cooler and more energy efficient. 
  • A steel roof weighs less than your standard roof, which protects the structural integrity and life of the building.

We Have Everything You Need

We use state-of-the-art technology to manufacture finely-made roofing steel and wood trusses. If you need to get the job done sooner rather than later, or if you run into an emergency, our professionals will deliver your steel roofing supplies as soon as possible. Most roofing supply companies take u 2 to 4 weeks to deliver. Not Western Building Supply. We can get your supplies to you in a matter of days, or hours if needed. We’re here to make sure that your job gets done without a hitch, which is why our entire team and inventory is at your disposal.

We Manufacture Steel Roofing 

We manufacture and stock an extensive range of steel products from our location in Wheatland, WY, and transport them to you. Whether you are installing a steel metal roof yourself or you require the materials for your customers, look to our team to provide you with precisely what you need.  

We manufacture steel roofing components in a variety of styles, colors, and design choices to match the architecture of commercial buildings and homes alike. 

Accurate Orders Delivered Promptly

Western Building Supply accurately fills your orders and delivers your building materials to the construction site you designate. Job site deliveries require specialized equipment. Fortunately, we have all the necessary tools along with a team of experienced professionals who undertake the job and provide efficient deliveries as part of our service package. From proper handling to the careful loading and unloading of your steel roofing materials, you can trust our team. We know you rely on accurately filled orders that arrive promptly so that you can complete your jobs. Fortunately, timely and accurate service is precisely what you can expect with Western Building Supply.   

Contact Western Building Supply Today

You can count on our reliable steel roofing materials and our speedy delivery service for any of your roofing needs. Visit Western Building Supply’s manufacturing facility to see our process. Give us a call at 307-322-2888 to learn more.

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